Before & After Service

The Sample on the left representing a contaminated tank.  Sample on the right is clear fresh fuel .

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Diesel fuel is easily contaminated from transportation, handling, temperature changes, weather, storage length/location and natural degradation. 

This demonstration below shows an example of a contaminated tank being refilled with fresh fuel. This cross-contamination will keep recurring every time the tank is refilled or disturbed. 

 Alberta Diesel Dialysis Offers 

  • Mobile Fuel Polishing
  • Fuel Dispensers
  • Automated Polishing Systems 
  • Fuel Transferring with Polishing
  • Fuel Sampling & Testing
  • Fuel Maintenance Programs  

 Alberta Diesel Dialysis's Fuel polishing service   

  • Eliminates water, micro growth, sludge & solid contaminates
  • Increases the life of diesel fuel
  • Extends equipment filter life 
  • Lowers maintenance frequency 
  • Increased fuel economy                
  • Improves fuel combustion
  • Maintain Engine power & performance
  • Reduce downtime and repair costs